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Printing needs for startup companies

Whether it is solely about business cards or a full-package of promotional printing consisting of flyers, posters, folded flyers etc. All startups will incur costs for printing and you will closely consider your costs to get the highest yields out of your budget.

Below are some considerations when purchasing printing:

Business cards

Business cards are probably the first thing you think of as a starting entrepreneur. After a consultation/meeting there is often the question, whether you have a business card? A business card is a good way to leave a good first impression. Make sure that all important contact details are on your business card. Do not use your business card as an advertising medium. In general you give your business card after making acquaintance with someone so the recipient of the card already knows what you do and can offer, hence it is not necessary to further explain this on your business cards.


Similar to business cards, your letterhead is most likely one of the first impressions the prospective customer gets from your company. Place your logo and contact details in a subtle and businesslike way on your letterheads. Just like with business cards you should not use your letterheads for advertising. You must also take into consideration, the impression you want to leave when choosing the right paper type. In general it is recommended to use a stylish, thick paper type for your letterheads (e.g. 120gsm offset white). However, for nonprofit organizations relying on donations it is wise to use a more sober type of paper (e.g. 90gsm offset white). Surely donors would prefer their support being spent on the goals of the nonprofit organization rather than on luxurious writing-paper. Of course it is always good to choose an environmentally friendly paper type (e.g. 80gsm recycled white).

Flyers / leaflets

Flyers are still an effective way to quickly and clearly bring your message across. Especially event organizers frequently use flyers to promote their events. But flyers can also be used to promote special offers or to provide background information for a product. You can hand out flyers at events or in crowded shopping centre’s or you can, for instance, add a flyer to every current product. The most used paper types for flyers are 135gsm matt or gloss and 250gsm gloss. With the 135gsm paper type the matt version is recommended as it has a more solid look than the gloss version. The 250gsm version is in general only available in gloss, this paper type is already thicker and more solid so for a thickness of 250gsm, gloss is an excellent choice. Optionally you can choose for an extra UV varnish finish which gives the flyers an exclusive look.

Folded flyers and menus

Folded flyers are often used as menus for restaurants. If this menu is, for instance, used for delivery and takeaway orders you can choose a thinner paper type (e.g. 135gsm matt or gloss) to minimize the costs. If the menu is used within a restaurant it is wise to choose a thicker paper type that looks elegant and lasts longer (e.g. 250gsm gloss with extra UV varnish finish). Folded flyers can also be used to produce excellent flyers, only with more available space for text and images.

Design of your printed stationery

If you already have a designer for your website and corporate branding you can let him or her carry out the design for your printing jobs. If you are carrying out the design yourself, make sure that you have carefully read the artwork requirements of your printing supplier. Some printing suppliers also offer design services. However, the prices for this service vary widely. At the moment UK Print Factory has a very lucrative deal offering design free of charge when ordering over £99. If you order printing below that value but your printing needs to be designed as well, UK Print Factory charges a very low rate (between £10 and £30 per design) for designing your printing. With this special offer, UK Print Factory wants to attract new customers and demonstrate that UK Print Factory is the solution for all your printing needs.